Customer Testimonials

One of the aspects of the experience we enjoyed most was that HomeSource took our own plans and made them better. They incorporated changes we wanted, and improvements they made to give us a truly custom home.

The Hatcher's of Jefferson County, Missouri

We had a very positive experience building our home with HomeSource as our home builder. It was a joy to be able to realize our dream. We saved about $110,000 on construction costs and our home ended up appraising out at 30% more than our costs. So we didn’t start upside down, we started right side up! I also used HomeSource to add an addition on my home.

The Lawrence’s of St. Louis County, Missouri

We decided to build a custom home because we looked at lots of houses but couldn’t find the one that we really liked. By building our home with HomeSource, we were able to save approximately $140,000. We were able to move in with about 20% equity.

The Chism’s of St. Louis County, Missouri

We’ve constructed two homes with HomeSource and had a great experience both times. My advice is to check out HomeSource before you buy or build your next home.

The Steber’s of St. Charles County, Missouri